LCBC Is A Bunch Of Misfits

Since 2008, LCBC has talked and dreamed about starting a campus in Ephrata and now that dream is becoming a reality. It has been a wild ride for the LCBC community the last 25 years and it is far from over. God is doing amazing things and is changing people’s lives.

It would be easy to tell you how LCBC has it all together and have everything in the future all figured out. But the reality is we don’t. Sometimes I look at myself and look at our leadership team and laugh. We have former surfers, weather men, engineers, sales people, washed up bankers, former missionaries and even a gym teacher. But that is what is so cool about God, He will use ordinary people with hurts, hang-ups, issues and different personalities to build His kingdom.

Through this process of getting LCBC Ephrata ready I have met with farmers, mechanics, sales people, stay at home moms, CEO’s, milk truck drivers and the list goes on. These people all have a number of things in common. First, they know they don’t have life all figured out. They know they are far from perfect and have decided to put the mask of perfection down. Second, they trust that God does have life figured out and will take care of them through better or worse. Third, they all are lives changed by Christ. They, like the staff at LCBC, don’t have everything figured out and they sure don’t have all the answers, but they have found hope and life through Jesus.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit 3 of LCBC’s campuses in one weekend. It was beautiful to watch all types of people working together towards one vision, to create fully devoted followers out of unconnected seekers. They all want to see their lives and others changed by Jesus. I look at the early church and the people God used to bring to Himself and it was a rag tag group of people. God uses people like you and I, who don’t have all the all answers to build His church because we will depend on him. What a privilege we have to be on this ride and to have the opportunities to see and hear what God is doing. I can’t want to see what God will do with a broken group of people in Ephrata.

About Matt Graybill

Matt is the Ephrata Campus Pastor at LCBC Church. He's the husband to Beth and the father to two sons. On the side Matt is the Chaplain for the Hershey Bears and is a die hard Philly Sports Fan.
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  • Greg


  • Maryann

    We plan to pay the Ephrata church a visit.

  • Dsnader1961

    LCBC is a wonderful place to worship and all the staff /volunteers need to be commended for all of the hard work that they do. Very excited to see what the Lord has in store for the Ephrata Campus….way to go Matt for all the work that you are doing within the Ephrata Campus and surronding areas.

  • Mike Mylin

    I am very excited to see how God will work through LCBC in the Ephrata community. Thanks for all of your work, Matt and the Team, to reach this area. 

  • Wendyjkiss

    That is awesome to know!